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Thread I'm a rap MC looking for a studio mic

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Topic I'm a rap MC looking for a studio mic
i know they differ and some fit the styles of different genres of music better than others

any suggestions?

thanks in advance
It's great that your looking for a studio mic to track some Vox tracks down, but whats your budget for the microphone? if any at all. i ask because i know of mics that sound great which are inexpensive and some which are great but that are pricey. let me know.
although i personaly dont know any MCs or have recorded any, i have see a few documentaries on new hip hop rap albums being recorded, and twice ive seen a royer mic i dont know the model, it was a green one....

i dont want to spend over 500 bucks
ahhhhh ok, check out the "studio projects" line of mics, lotsa great deals, for surprisingly good mics
thats not the name of the brand is it?

if so ive never heard of it

lemme search right now
check them out i know a guy that has the basic model, i dont know which one it is.... the "c1" i think it sounded good when he played me a few tracks which he recorded vocals and drums

i think he said it was $250-300 canadian $$$
Infamous_B, you could also go with the APEX line aswell for a recording mic because they have some great condensers which are inexpensive at around 200-300 dollars canadian and they are superb i have one and i've recorded vocals and acoustic guitars with it and its just amazing. the one i have is the APEX 410 check it out among other mics from APEX they are quite good. if you want a mic for live and recording you could always go with the Sure SM57 or SM58 since they are both great for live and recording especially if your going to be loud in the microphone because the SM57 and SM58's have a high SPL which is probably perfect for almost anything really. anyways hope some of this helps you in your quest to buying a mic.
Infamous B. I have a lot of recording experience in hip hop and I personally suggest that you invest your 500 duckets on a classic name that is synonymous with vocal excellence. I am also in the market for a more practical studio mic than the Shure SM-58 that has been with me longer than any female. I Shall be choosing either the remake of the now classic Rode NT1 which is the NT1A for $200 or the Rode NTK for $500.

Hey, I figure if so many legendary recordings of yesteryear were made
on a NT1 why wouldn't the improvements on the remake be sufficient. They also make other NT series mics that fall in the price range between these two mics, but what's the point.

And by the way, I have to disagree with your "different genre - different mic" theory. I believe that every vocal recording should begin with the absolute best possible quality and naturalism, then put your stamp on it. Whatever that may be.
I'm an emcee too, i use a Rode S1 for recording and live, i would say it is the best all round mic you can get, absoluting shits on th SM58, however it is a condenser mic and it does need phantom power to run so u will need a power source of some description, but since ur recording at home i guess you'll need be getting a mixer too, i suggest a little behringer 8 channel, cheap but very good.