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Thread Kick Drum Mics

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Topic Kick Drum Mics
I'm looking at two different kick drum mics...
The Shure Beta 52
and the AKG D112

any opinions on which is better? or why?
or any other mics good for kick drums that aren't too expensive?

It seems to me more people tend to use D112 in studios. Is that true?
I have personnally been using a D112 for years and am really happy with it. The D112 has become a standard but I have also seen many people using Beta 52 for studio and live applications with excellent results.

You might also consider the Beta 91 as an option if you can afford it.
We are currently working with the Sennheiser E 602 and works pretty well but if I had the money to buy another I think I would go with the shure....

Here's a link for the E 602 if you want to check it out...

The AKG D112 is a standard in all studios and is not too expensive but i also know the the Senhiesser 441 is also a great kick drum mic for i have used it before while recording many kits but then again its your choice hope this help a little
I use the D112's, I've tried the Beta 52 and wasn't happy with it. I use them on Kick Drum's and Bass Guitar in both Live and my home studio. They have a Great response and can definately handle the abuse.

TK :twisted:
I just bought an audix D6 and it sounds really good in live applications but in the studio it really isn't very versatile. Does anyone have an opinion on the audix D4 for a more natural sound. I like the audix mics a lot because the design and the small size of it makes it easier to get the mic into the bass drum at whateve depth you want.
I've used both, the Beta 52 the I used sounded better. But the D112 was also a few years older. Have you ever tried the Yamaha Subkit? I haven't but I keep on hearring good things about it.
I have used the Yamaha sub kit and liked it a lot.