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Thread bass mic for recording

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1 bass mic for recording
I need to get a good bass drum for recording. I brought it down to 4 choices, Shure beta 52, akg d112, Audix d6, or the Sennheiser E602. I need a really good all around mic for hardcore/rock recording. if you have any other suggestions please tell me (under $200)
Check out Audio-Technica ATM25.

A meatier sound than the D112.
I would vote for the D112. But it comes down to a matter of taste.
im goin more towards the d6 or the shure beta 52 i dont know why
I would go with the beta52 which will also be an amazing kick drum mic. Its what I always use when I record Tony Levin.
Don't forget the Shure Beta SM 91.

Here's a review I recently wrote on it

I've used the Beta 52 and it's really cool as well, but totally different. I'd imagine this has more to do with mic placement than anything else.

I'd make sure I had a kick ass kick drum before I really got my panties in a wad about which mic to use. Just grab one. I'm guessing that none of these are bad and the best one is probably only about 1% better than the worst one. I'd be much more worried about the source I was recording. Maybe save $25 and buy the cheaper mic, and then buy a $25 drum tuning DVD. You'll be better off.