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MIDI Control Surfaces user reviews

  • Novation Launchpad

    Novation Launchpad - "Not quite as simple as it looks"


    Features. Well it's very basic here. It's a USB midi controller for Ableton. 64 buttons. How it works is another feature entirely. In essence, you can control almost any aspect of Ableton with this device using a bit of clever programming and so…

  • Digidesign Control 24

    Digidesign Control 24 - moosers's review


    Digidesign's Control 24 is the most complete digital 'console' workstation available to control Pro Tools. It's been around for a good amount of time and I've probably used at least ten of these throughout my time working as an audio engineer. It s…

  • M-Audio iControl

    M-Audio iControl - "GarageBand companion"


    Ever need a GarageBand controller for your mixes? If so, this device could have been for you. The goal that M-Audio had in mind was to create a versatile mixer to use with a simple DAW like GarageBand that every Apple user had pre-installed on thei…

  • Digidesign C24

    Digidesign C24 - "Ridiculous control surface"


    The Digidesign C24 is one of the ultimate control surfaces out there. Simply put, it has pretty much everything you can think of and then some. Starting off with features, this thing has 24 bankable strips, touch-sensitive motorized faders, 16 high…

  • Akai MPD24

    Akai MPD24 - "Almost perfect."


    What I like most about the MPD 24 is the super great feeling knobs on this machine. I know that the most important aspect should be the pads, but I will get to those. The knobs are endless encoders and feel like they belong on a unit three times th…

  • Akai MPD24

    Akai MPD24 - "Quality Product. Good Choice. "


    Great for bangin out some drums, samples, or whatever you choose to put on the pads. It’s even a pretty useful midi controller when you take advantage of the faders and knobs. I got a great product for the price, which isn’t too bad either. …

  • Akai APC40

    Akai APC40 - moosers's review


    The Akai APC40 is a unique MIDI controller that's designed for use with Ableton Live. Ableton is a DAW that's becoming more and more popular and for good reason as it's really intuitive and easy to use for creating music in the box. The APC40 makes…

  • Akai MPD26

    Akai MPD26 - "Amazing value for its price"


    Akai's MPD 26 follows in the same footsteps as the MPD 26 with excellent pad sensitivity. The MPD26 features authentic MPC pads, therefore it provides music production enthusiasts with the genuine feel of Akai's flagship MPC sampler series. Features …

  • Behringer B-Control Rotary BCR2000

    Behringer B-Control Rotary BCR2000 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    I've been using it for one month. It's my first Midi controller. Pros: No latency with Traktor, Scratch Pro, Ableton, etc. Enough space between the controls Endless rotary controls are useful when you change presets in Ableton. …

  • PreSonus FaderPort Classic

    PreSonus FaderPort Classic - "The basic needs"


    I've had it for three weeks. I just looked at the bcf 2000, but I did not need as many faders. I like: the motorized fader, the fact that it takes little room, the whole "all in one" concept, its simplicity, robustness, its look. I dislike: having…