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MIDI Control Surfaces user reviews

  • Mackie Control Universal Pro

    Mackie Control Universal Pro - "nice feel"


    The Mackie Control Universal Pro gives you smooth fader control with the responsive feel of some very expensive analog boards from years past. The faders are touch sensitive 100mm, and they are motorized. There is a full meter display that will show…

  • Akai MPC Renaissance

    Akai MPC Renaissance - "Akai headed to the future"


    Unlike any other MPC, the Renaissance is more geared to work with your computer set up better than the other models that have come out. You will get the real MPC pads on the Renaissance which are what all MPC enthusiast love and have to have. You wi…

  • Ableton Push

    Ableton Push - "Best pad controller for Ableton"


    The Ableton Push comes with Ableton Live 9 and syncs up to work with it right out of the box with no effort needed at all. Though this unit is not available to the general public yet, I had the chance to use it first hand from a music conference. Tha…

  • Mixed Logic Mixed Logic M24

    Mixed Logic Mixed Logic M24 - "Nice control surface, but no ins or outs"


    The Mixed Logic M24 is the ultimate control interface for someone who has a medium sized studio. There are a total of 24 motorized faders on the m24, and 24 pan controls as well. This surface is very well built and will last a long time. It reminds …

  • Euphonix MC Control

    Euphonix MC Control - "motorized faders"


    The Artist Mix is made by Euphonix and it is a control interface that has motorized faders and all of the buttons and knobs can be programmed to work with your DAW. This control interface is so easy to use, and you can use it on Windows computers and…

  • Akai MPC Studio

    Akai MPC Studio - "Great, but no interface"


    The Akai Professional MPC Studio is the newest line of MPC from Akai and it came out this year. I had the pleasure of working with it twice. It comes stocked with over 6GB of sounds and it supports VST plug ins. You can use the Akai Professional on …

  • Akai MPC Renaissance

    Akai MPC Renaissance - "Best MPC out"


    The MPC Renaissance is a production hardware system that can also act as a audio interface. It comes loaded with over 6GB of sounds and it does support VST plug-ins. The Renaissance is better than just the original MPC line. I have been using MPC’s …

  • Mackie Control Universal

    Mackie Control Universal - "3 MIDI in and MIDI out"


    The Mackie Control Universal is a solid work station that has 9 faders and all of them are motorized. there are over 50 total buttons on the Control Universal and most of them are fully customizable and can be synced with whatever you want them to co…

  • Digidesign Control 24

    Digidesign Control 24 - "Control Pro Tools"


    The Digidesign Control 24 is an excellent choice for your hardware console if you can afford it. I have not used a better console in all of my years mixing. This unit is very big and expensive, most of us don’t have the room for even if we could affo…

  • Euphonix MC Mix

    Euphonix MC Mix - "Mastering and Mixing made simple"


    The Euphonix Artist Mix is a control surface that has 8 motorized faders and all of the buttons are programmable. It can be used on your Mac or your PC if your system meets the right requirements. The Artist Mix gives you complete control over all of…