MOTU Micro Lite
MOTU Micro Lite

Micro Lite, MIDI Interface from MOTU.

AxiMaxi 08/31/2020

MOTU Micro Lite : AxiMaxi's user review

« Excellent interface with a tiny quirk »

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Value For Money : Correct Audience: Anyone
In my setup, the MicroLite works in conjunction with an UltraLite hybrid and two Roland A880 patchbays in a rather elaborate MIDI setup. All USB gear, the MicroLite included, is connected to my MacBook Pro via a TPLink USB hub and I run Ableton Live v10.
The half-width rack size is quite conventient for me, as the module stacks neatly on top of my other MOTU unit. They could also be connected side-by-side with adapters that come with each half-width MOTU unit, but I decided to use my rack space differently.

The unit is fairly stable, I have not noticed lags or latency of any significant kind.
The only quirk that I noticed is that sometimes the MicroLite won't pass on traffic when a synth with Active Sensing is connected.
That is: I have to power up the computer (and thus the bus-powered unit), run my DAW software and only *then* power up the synths with Active Sensing (Korg 01/W and Yamaha V50).
The only other workaround to make sure the interface doesn't stress out is by putting a MIDI filter in between, that filters out the Active Sensing.

So, either use a filter or adapt your power-up sequence or, as a final resort, remove the USB plug from the MicroLite and reset it after you're all set up and ready to go.

Other than that, I love my MOTU gear and I think it's a minor issue.