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Ibanez 5+ string bass guitars user reviews

  • Ibanez SR705

    Ibanez SR705 - toineblitz's review


    Made in korea, 24 frets on a handle 5 pieces jatoba and bubinga all concerned. there are 2 Bartolini MK1 micro (neck and bridge) with a 3-band Bartolini equoilisateur (yes again) with a volume and tone. The body is mahogany with a flamed maple tabl…

  • Ibanez SR745

    Ibanez SR745 - Ed0077's review


    - It's not the bass in photos above. (The SR745 does not overlay the buttons and knobs 4) - Manufacturing jap. Body-Mahogany, Wenge key, tuning fork 34, so stick long enough, the radius of the key low (slightly curved), Accu-Cast B25 bridge, ne…

  • Ibanez SRX355

    Ibanez SRX355 - barrjo's review


    24 frets, frets enjoyable 2 humbucker pickups powerful enough active electronic 1 volume knob, a bass, a tweeter and a mix of microphones handle end trs, trs enjoyable and fast, very simple Access in acute the weight is correct, trs well eq…

  • Ibanez SRX355

    Ibanez SRX355 - radwaithbass's review


    24 Frets. A volume, rglage a severe acute rglage, panoramic. USE Handle very pleasant, very easy to adapt. The access to acute seemed a bit tight, but still very adequate. It is very well balanced, the head does not fall into the avant.je…

  • Ibanez SRX355

    Ibanez SRX355 - Mat62's review


    SERIES Soundgear Made of Indonsie Body frne Natural finish (very pretty ...) Channel 24 frets Saddle 34 "in 3 pices Rosewood Monte original 45/65/85/105/130 2 double pickups Ibanez EQB-IIDX active electronics 2-band (bass / treble) pi…

  • Ibanez BTB405QM

    Ibanez BTB405QM - demonaz's review


    It's a Korean made bass, the pickups are Ibanez exlent for the rest all is said and down ... UTILIZATION The handle is very enjoyable and easy to use bulk trs CHAC is not in acute hyper simple for me but at the same time it plays on a bass not …

  • Ibanez BTB556MP

    Ibanez BTB556MP - rha61's review


    Low made in Korea sandwich body maple / mahogany / maple Round 5 parts maple / walnut 2 humbucker pickups Ibanez 3-band eq with parametric medium Elixir strings USE At first contact I find this bass a little less beautiful that pictur…

  • Ibanez SR505

    Ibanez SR505 - Adrien.G's review


    A small copy / paste the Ibanez site ... Neck: 5pc SR5 Jatoba / Bubinga neck Neck Type: SR5 Body: Mahogany body Frets: Medium frets Fingerboard: Rosewood Inlay: Abalone Oval Bridge: Accu-Cast B25 bridge NeckPU: Bartolini MK1-5 neck c…

  • Ibanez AFR A105

    Ibanez AFR A105 - Anonyme's review


    I do not know the country of manufacture. Body and handle Rabl. Touche bne. 5 string B-pillar grave, E, A, D, G. 24 boxes on the left, 23 on D, 22 on others. Bridge "Mono Rail": each string possde his "bridge." Pickups: 1 micro gnral, polyp…

  • Ibanez EDC705

    Ibanez EDC705 - hubert-bassiste's review


    Enabled, this 5-string is luthite (body "composite" of a density over the whole body and on all models), 24 fret neck, precise mechanical, two microphones paved settings: a master volume, balance microphones A knob acute, serious and with medium freq…