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NUSofting Updates EMM Knagalis

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NUSofting EMM Knagalis
News NUSofting EMM Knagalis

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NUSofting has updated EMM Knagalis to v1.40, including the first non-beta release of the Mac OS X Universal Binary AU and VST versions.

EMM Knagalis is a specialized and multi-featured sample player modeled around the structural elements of Sitar, the famous Indian lute. But its sound-set also includes many other ethnic stringed instruments, as well as percussive and melodic instruments from the world stage. Instruments like Turkish Lute, Mbira (thumb piano), Santur, Shamishen and bagpipe.


New in v1.40:

  • Vibrato: in the same Pitch Envelope set of knobs, you can now switch smoothly and in realtime to vibrato mode, where the “offSet” knob will adjust vibrato depth and the Time knob will adjust vibrato rate. Vibrato depth is channel pressure (aftertouch) sensitive, while Pitch Envelope is Velocity sensitive. And thanks to the MIDI learn feature any parameters can be linked to a MIDI CC.
  • A switch to use the two comb filters of the Flanger for acoustic filtering.
  • Nine new instruments, with custom presets ready to play:
    • Northern Bagpipe
    • Tinwhistle
    • Medieval Bagpipe
    • Hurdy Gurdy and Hurdy Gurdy Trompette (the buzzing rhythm sound)
    • Great Highland Pipes
    • Deep Wooden Flute
    • The ancient Aulos (an historical double reed instrument)
    • Spanish Gaita


Pricing, Availability & Demo

EMM Knagalis costs $35. Demo versions are available.


Limitations of the Demo are:

  • Max 20 minutes usage each time you load the plug-in (unlimited trials of 20 minutes each).
  • Can’t save presets.
  • Only half of the instruments samples are included.
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