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Misc music/audio gear news

  • Protection Racket Snare Drum Rucksack

    Protection Racket Snare Drum Rucksack

    05/16/11 in Protection Racket Rucksack Snare Drum Case

    Two of Protection Racket's 10 snare cases now come with rucksack straps and concealed shoulder straps as well as the standard carrying handle.

  • nohype audio PMM-1

    nohype audio PMM-1

    04/22/11 in No Hype Audio PMM-1

    nohype Audio presents PMM-1, designed to mix and isolate microphone signals.

  • Oscium iMSO-104

    Oscium iMSO-104

    04/21/11 in Oscium iMSO-104

    Oscium developed the iMSO-104 mixed-signal oscilloscope for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch with Apple's iOS and MFi (Made for iPod, Made for iPhone and Made for iPad) developer programs.

  • Sony Vegas Pro 10.0d

    Sony Vegas Pro 10.0d

    04/15/11 in Sony Vegas Pro 10

    Sony Creative Software has announced the imminent availability of Vegas Pro 10.0d.

  • [Musikmesse] Tascam MD-CD1mkIII

    [Musikmesse] Tascam MD-CD1mkIII

    04/06/11 in Tascam MD-CD1mkIII

    TASCAM has revved its combination CD Player / MiniDisc recorder to the MD-CD1mkIII.

  • [Musikmesse] RME Audio Remote Control

    [Musikmesse] RME Audio Remote Control

    04/05/11 in RME Audio Remote Control for UFX & ADI-8 QS

    RME presents a new Remote Control for Fireface UFX and ADI-8 QS on the Musikmesse Frankfurt.

  • [Musikmesse] RME Audio BOB-16 Breakout Boxes

    [Musikmesse] RME Audio BOB-16 Breakout Boxes

    04/03/11 in RME Audio BOB-16

    RME starts shipping three different BOB-16 breakout boxes - rack solutions for interconnecting multichannel XLRs with the common D-sub connector format.

  • New RØDE MiCon Connectors

    New RØDE MiCon Connectors

    03/30/11 in RODE MiCon-6

    RØDE Microphones announced the release of three new MiCon connectors to add additional compatibility with its line of wearable microphones that include the RØDE Lavalier, HS-1 headset and the RØDE PinMic.

  • [Musikmesse] Palmer Grand Audition

    [Musikmesse] Palmer Grand Audition

    03/30/11 in Palmer Grand Audition

    Palmer has announced that it will show the Grand Audition at this year's Musikmesse.

  • Busker Prize

    Busker Prize

    03/10/11 in Busker.com

    Busker.com, home of a street performance competition, announced that musicians are now able to pre-register at www.busker.com for access to information about the upcoming Busker Prize - worth €20,000.