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Zephod [BLOK] Modular Updated

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Zephod BLOK
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Zephod has updated the stable version of [BLOK] Modular to SVN 300 and the beta version to SVN 331.


Change since r277:

  • r331:
    • ExtKnob threading fix.
    • more graphical glitches fixed.
  • r330: VST name button fixes. They respond to patch drag/drop/load now.
  • r329:
    • Stereo output block graphical fix.
    • CPGui pie-rendering glitch fix (knob graphics).
  • r328:
    • Output blocks have small VU indicator now.
    • CPGui gradient fixes.
  • r327:
    • New span renderer upgraded.
    • Tiny visual fixes all over the place.
    • Span renderer test platform.
  • r326: forgot to add MainWindow.h.
  • r325: new span renderer. Lots faster on big screens.
  • r324:
    • new patchset-to-bank tool in compiler chain.
    • less locking in VST for crackle-free GUI opening.
  • r323: Changed keyboard-handlers to correctly listen to CPGui Delete key instead of windows-VK_DELETE.
  • r322: CPGui window message fix, this resolves a sonar crash while closing the GUI.
  • r321: crash on close fix for buzz.
  • r320: lots of CPGui fixes & major crash fixes.
  • r319:
    • Removed Debug Instrumentation.
    • Fixed visibility flaw (debug/release mix up).
  • r318:
    • Added support for visible/invisible controls in CPGui.
    • Fixed a rare GUI bug that made some GUI items hide while switching octaves with / and *.
  • r317: Updated dirtyrect rendering strategy. Should be better in some cases, please compare to previous beta performance.
  • r316: Added doubleclick handlers to CPGui.
  • r315:
    • KeyTrack animation fix for CPGui.
    • BuildScript updates.
    • Cosmetic fixes in standalone.
  • r314:
    • Old standalone version migrated to CPGui.
    • VST demo version migrated to CPGui.
    • Added beta-upload build scripts.
  • r313: CPGui file drag/drop enabled.
  • r312: Small stability fix for RootControl (OnClose message handler changed).
  • r311:
    • Small site update (long overdue).
    • Site news works again.
  • r310:
    • New CPGui control: ParamButtonStrip (for mode-selection – like arp modes).
    • Arp ticker display now works in CPGui.
    • Small event handler changes for cleaner redraws in CPGui RootControl.
  • r309:
    • Small redraw fix for selection rectangle.
    • Small coordinate fix for selecting while screen was scrolled.
  • r308:
    • Legato mode now keeps track of notestack with lifo queue (IE -> it will glide back to your previous note if you still have another pressed down).
    • New textbox code for CPGui lib (VST patch name).
    • Changed text-entry method for VST
    • Added better platform neutral key definitions.
    • Better invalidate for patch name in main VST edit window.
    • Aftertouch block.
    • Modwheel block.
    • String measuring improved.
    • Small visual fix for connection dragging (connections no longer cut off).
  • r307:
    • Blok VST converted to new GUI lib.
    • New TextBox control.
    • Scroll calculations changed.
    • Added user-messages to GUI lib (to facilitate patch-changes).
    • Rootcontrol extended to allow for popups and child windows as well as main windows.
    • Custom Envelope GUI animation fix.
  • r306: CP Gui gfx: hatching works.
  • r305:
    • Unified stroking/filling of paths for the vector drawing commands.
    • Added dashes for line markers.
  • r304:
    • Vertical and horizontal scrollwheel messages implemented in CP-lib.
    • Hitarea optimization in CP-lib.
    • Small font-rendering fix.
  • r303:
    • Massive GUI-replacement effort underway. Feature parity almost reached.
    • Small Buzz notebug fix.
    • Buzz version uses new GUI library now.
    • New standalone version uses new GUI library now too.
    • VST still does NOT use the new GUI library.
  • r302: r301: Cross-platform Windowing migration stage 1 (does not work yet, but does not break anything either).
  • r300:
    • Variable polyphony. (see Polyphony Settings in output).
    • Legato mode. (see Polyphony Settings in output, special for monophonic mode).
    • Voice stealing NOT implemented (on purpose. since it is very hard to double guess usage in a modular environment).
    • New Crossfade block with 2 modes (audio with power compensation, linear for control signals).
    • Buzz version has MIDI mode as default now.
    • general code cleanups.
  • r299: Crash bug fix in arpeggio GUI.
  • r298: Arp Gui crash bug fix attempts part 1.
  • r297: Buzz chord playing fix. Playing chords directly after each other with different note orders sometimes skipped some notes.
  • r296: Arpeggio GUI fixes. Still not finished, but a lot cleaner.
  • r295: Pitch parameter is useable enough for release now. Still needs working cursor-key handling & number under arp-GUI.
  • r294: More pitch-graphics interface tweaking (still not done).
  • r293:
    • Minor graphics tweaks for customenv, waveshaper and filter.
    • Pitch-GUI makeover stage 1 (not complete yet).
  • r292:
    • Better handling of corrupted files.
    • Small bugfix in arpeggio that somehow tried to store more values than it had (resulting in some corrupted files).
  • r291: Fixed Crash bug for copy/pasting singleton blocks like the globals.
  • r290: Small anti-plop fix in the filter.
  • r289: Refactoring some internal block management to help speed up future block development.
  • r288: Arpeggiator operational. The GUI is still under construction, but feel free to try. Top row = enable tick, middle row = transpose, bottom row = play chord.
  • r287:
    • Emergency phase-reset bugfix in PWM and Sync osc.
    • Groundwork for arpeggiator built in (nothing visible yet though).
  • r286: Sync Block tweaks. Sync & PWM generators are now in “beta” stage.
  • r285:
    • PWM-osc generator now feature complete.
    • Sync osc operational.
  • r284: initial commit for PWM and Sync generators.
  • r283:
    • buzz – open window on cursor.
    • VST – turn off debug console.
  • r282: Another modified state fix (shift-N key binding didn’t store modified state either).
  • r281: modified-after-new fix.
  • r280: Changed document handler to handle “modified” state better to facilitate patch-switcher. IX-bug should -really- be fixed now.
  • r279: more patch fixes. sorry for the inconvenience.
  • r278: Patch-switch bugfix.
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