Cort M520
Cort M520

M520, Other Shape Guitar from Cort in the M series.

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sardaukar 09/28/2003

Cort M520 : sardaukar's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Made in Core
22 freight, two splittable humbuckers mightymite
fixed bridge M2
1 Volume 1 Tone


Handle is between the trs enjoyable round and flat. CHAC is easy to acute but less than a sg
It looks a little like a PRS but it did not (too bad). the guitar is beautiful to see and is quite lgre.


Working Out with rock guitars saturated, the fact that there are two double is really a pleasure. I play with a peavey bandit 112 Iere gnration and sounds pretty good in both singles and doubles
the sound is quite simple satisfactory. little snoring. but hey this is intended scratching the distortion
and the shift in the double rvle quite enjoyable. EHJV good. sounds stand out quite well.
For cons I do not know if this is the amp or the pickups, but resents the big bass


made two weeks I have and frankly it tjs a pleasure to play with. I never tire of looking at its shape. I have long hsit between 600 and 520. It told me that the table of the 600 changed the sustain but I have not noticed. over the price diffrence is convincing trs: 455 and 365 for the M600 to M520: 90 c no nothing. the report is excellent qualitprix
on the other hand is just a lil pb c mcaniques that tend drgl especially this one jumps and kon kan martle strings: p