Cort MGM-1
Cort MGM-1
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Elfredo_sono 05/31/2007

Cort MGM-1 : Elfredo_sono's user review


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Ouaaaaahhhh, it still has the score?! classsss ...

fabrication is a guitar with 22 frets Koreen. 2 microphones humbukers. Where it gets interresting, can micro splitter for bringing them to single coil.
The Paul type bridge, SG ...
1 volume knob, one tone + switch microphones, selector and microphone. The one on my guitar is a bit tired and has trouble keeping a position acute (comes on its own position on the "center")
Set neck. available in 2 colors.


Very good run. you can run it!
Access to acute is as easy as a SG. I find it really nice shape, pearly buttons, the heads. junction guitar body / torso is modeled, it is doing in us, or vice versa. The weight ... arrrrffff. It does not parrait on the picture or the first 10 minutes, but it can quickly strain the back. (Jsuis built like a shrimp, but the Slovak lumberjack no one would not realize!)


The sound is there. For a regular humbucker, it really does. You can have bold rock, solo bleeding like a light cruiser, jazz feutré.en single coil, it is far from a Stratocaster or Telecaster. It's his property to her, hard to tame its clear. Lens, to love.

I have a Vox and marriage does it well. Cream soup as a great mère.De time to time I add a GX700. It corrects the better Eq. With a chorus too and no complaints.

The split is the most complicated micro utiliser.Faut to look a little but it has come to have what we seek.

She fell once 3 weeks after purchase. some pets, but it still works! it's solid!


8 years of use and no regrets.
She has not lost value since its release.