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Fender Lead II : Anonymous 's user review


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This model from Fender USA does not seem very common. Equipped with 21 frets, the bridge is firmly anchored in the body of the guitar. Equipped with a volume a tone and a phase inverter, it has a handle under the heel by four stainless steel screws. No vibrato but then sustain outstanding.


The handle slides well. Rosewood. Access to the latest box does not pose particular problems. For weight, I have not much to say except what is heavier than Aria, but lighter than a Les Paul!
His side, while there, hat! The phase gives off a sound. On Marshall Fender like she leaves the group.


I use it exclusively in Open-Tuning floor during my concerts. It should be noted that I equipped with ropes pulling large: 13-60 to be honest. She screams no problem with the bottleneck! In fingerpicking, it is soft (but not docile!)
I love it. I mainly play rock and blues on:
Marshall JCM900
Marshall JCM 2000
Fender Bandmaster Reverb 5005


I have a crush on this guitar because it is an exceptional guitar, in its look and its "grain". In addition, this is my first acquisition. It is very powerful despite its single coils and easily rivals the AlNiCo my Gibson Lucille. As I said before, 21 rosewood fingerboard, two single coil pickups that deliver crystal clear sound (thank you Fender). When one switches off the phase of the two microphones, the sound generated is akin to a kind of chorus, all without artifice mail. I bought 80 mid 2200 francs with dedicated case Fender (Guitar string is stored relied on a "cousin"). I do not know if there are many models in circulation. But when Fenderie sees it, they tell me it is in perfect condition for a "collector". It must be said that the 81 is uniformly cracked varnish over the entire surface. Fender France has remade me free at the same and since then she has not moved. If you want to know more about this guitar, click: . She left the first time in 79 and was produced for only three years.