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MGR/Inky 11/10/2003

Godin SDxt : MGR/Inky's user review

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I bought this guitar new at a local music store for about $500 CAN. I was in the market for a guitar about twice that price but I fell in love with this one.

First thing to catch my eye was the unique body shape. It's kind of a cross between a Les Paul Jr and a Telecaster. A little classy/a little modern. Then there's the finish... a beautiful transparet blue flame maple top. These guitars are made of solid wood and employ real laquer finishes. It's brilliant and glossy. A beautifully fit, hard maple neck, tasetful satin nickel finished hardware. Let's just say it's a good-looking machine. It also came with a very high quality gig bag.

I played it for a while at the store and was sold. I couldn't find any other guitar there that matched it for twice the price. I would have had to spend a lot more to match the quality.

When I got it home I noticed that it was set up perfectly. String height, intonation... all perfect. I'm not sure if this is true of all Godin guitars but I appreciated it.

Very Good Sounds too.

It has a floating tremolo bridge. I HATE those things. HATE them. I love the guitar regardless but tuning with those things is an exercise in patience. I would like to put a fixed bridge on this thing. Also after a few months the tone pot got a little scratchy. The volume and tone control is a little harsh. I'd prefer bit smother roll-off.

Awesome! Fit and finish is beautiful. A mirror lacquer finish. The fit of the neck in the pocket is so tight. Very good!

I'm very impressed with this guitars build qulity and sound. The pickups are decent, the humbuckers are pretty hot and bighting. The single coil is sufficently clean and glassy.
If it were stolen... I would certainly replace it with another. And I will definately be checking out other models in the Godin lineup.

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