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MGR/Jake 08/13/2003

Godin SDxt : MGR/Jake's user review

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I paid $1100 Austalian for this guitar (the Aussie dollar, at the time of writing, is somewhere around 65c to $US1, I think. I don't pay much attention to high finance and exchange rates and stuff). I got it at a local music store where the owner let me plug in and play away, and then couldn't resist the urge to show me what the thing was really capable of. And it is capable of a hell of alot!

I should point out that this is my first "real" guitar - for a year or so i've been using my brother's old Squier Strat. The difference is so noticable, it is almost orgasmic!

I Like everything about this guitar! Nice low action with no buzz at all. The two humbuckers really pack a punch, and the single coil in the centre provides some fine, clean Strat-like sounds. In fact, I call this thing a "Fender Les Paul" or a "Gibson Stratocaster" - it can do anything either of these far more expensive guitars can do.

I'd of liked a different colour - a purple / burgandy finish would have been sweet. As it is though, the sunburst looks damn good - every non-playing female i've showed it to has told me how "pretty" or "niiiice" it looks. So there ya go - it ain't all just about sound boys!

From a sonic point of view, the tone control and pickup switch make a really noticable difference to the sound, unlike some other guitars I have played. I only own a 15-watt amp, and even through that it sounds beautiful. When I plugged into a mate's Fender DeVille - WOW!!! I mean, WOW!!! Especially on the bridge humbuckers. Like I was saying... WOW!!!

Haven't owned it long, but it sure seems sturdy. It has a reassuringly heavy feel - not so heavy that I feel like i'll drop the thing, but I know that if I do, it'll stay in one piece.

Brilliant! If you don't already own a real Strat or Les Paul, get one of these and kill two birds with the one stone. And save a whole bunch of money, too.

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