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MGR/Curtis Wallace 08/14/2004

Godin SDxt : MGR/Curtis Wallace's user review

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So I baught this guitar about a month ago now at long and McQuade had to get it specialy ordered in becuase they discontinued the guitar, so in total i paid about 650

MAN WHAT I LIKE........ OK 650 FOR THIS GUITAR IS NUTS IT SHOULD BE 3 4 times the prices oh man. The color combination blue flame black pickguard, has 5 way pick switch, incredible tone, through body stringing, the neck feels like a strat (I love strats) its just an amazing guitar!!!


Its it made tough, this guitar can take a beating and still put out!>

Man if you hadn't played a godin i recommened the SdXt (if u can find one) but any godin is pro!
amazing guitars amazing founder... pure amazing

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