Godin LGX-SA
Godin LGX-SA
guilhem09 05/01/2013

Godin LGX-SA : guilhem09's user review

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See manufacturer specs, it's not difficult ...


The handle is perfect. A thin, close to a LP, but the action is very low. Super easy to play guitar. I play with Elixir and it does. Grave ...

The MIDI side is always more difficult, you have to play very clean, this is not new, but it is a good exercise ...


Side magnetic pickups, it's great. Great sound, jazz fusion (lowering the tone) and others. It's hot, there is grain. Really happy. Seymour the Jazz are very well job!!

Piezo side, always the same: average. This is not an acoustic guitar with a condenser microphone jack, but this is normal, do not dream no more!

MIDI side, I had some worries. A piezo sensor loose, quickly replaced by RMC, but I had to install and reseal myself, and it's hard. But I could go to a luthier. On a good Roland (GR 55), the tracking is good, but you have to play clean. This is not a bad year


The gameplay is terrible. The sound of microphones is great. She really has a soul. MIDI works well subject to play clean. Troubleshoots the piezo or magnetic pickups can add for a little more definition sound.
Following is a mahogany body and neck, so it sounds, but it weighs four completions dead donkeys! Type LP, and worse. Wide strap VERY essential!

The violin is top, the neck is perfect for my taste, very precise mechanical.
GLOBAL ASSESSMENT: fine, except the weight (very) and therefore expensive MIDI sensors RMC priori better in Graphtec. But I recommend ... One alternative: Godin Passion RG-2: MIDI Graphtec, humbuckers, so chambered perhaps less heavy body, but found so far in Europe ...