Godin LGX-SA
Godin LGX-SA
bgallaghermusic 11/10/2014

Godin LGX-SA : bgallaghermusic's user review

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This is a great, Canadian-made guitar. I've been using it for a little over 5 years now and haven't so far felt the need to purchase a new electric because this guitar is so multi-faceted.

It has all the normal specs of a great electric. 22 frets with a really nice ebony fingerboard and mahogany neck that isn't too thick or too thin. It's really playable and feels great from the first note. It would already have been a great buy just as an electric, but it's also equipped with an acoustic transducer output and a 13-pin MIDI out for the best synth guitar experience I've ever had.


Sounds great and plays great. It's a bit heavy but for that it has beautiful sustain and the over-tones are to die for.

The fretboard is easy to jump around. I don't usually go too crazy on the upper frets in my playing but I never noticed it being uncomfortable. Really nice feel to this guitar.

After 5 years I haven't had a single technical problem and the only work I've had done on it is your standard tuning/setup. I even fell pretty hard onto it during a bike accident and it was essentially unscathed.


I use this guitar for just about everything from country to reggae. I played it most often with my Vox AC15 (a great combination) and the tone was majestic. The acoustic transducer works great for when you don't feel like/don't have time for picking up an acoustic mid-show. The ability to mix the acoustic and electric sounds gives you a nice warm tone with that nice shiny acoustic high-end.

For the synth function I haven't found anything better. I took a Synth-Guitar course when I studied at Berklee and the guitars they had for the students were Godin. They just know what they'Re doing when it comes to synth guitar. Everything about this guitar was designed not only to sound and play great, but also to improve the synth capabilities of the instrument and it shows. As a composer who isn't terribly proficient at piano, this instrument has also really sped up my ability to work with midi.


Like I said, this is a great instrument and I expect to have it my entire life. It's simply a high-quality, well-made guitar. I actually lucked out and had a friend buy it for me with his Guitar Center Pro discount so I only paid about 750 for this, but I would gladly pay double with what I know about it now. If you're looking for one dependable and versatile axe, you may have just found it.