Godin LGX-SA
Godin LGX-SA
mikyreale 12/14/2013

Godin LGX-SA : mikyreale's user review

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The LGX-SA is a AAA 3 voice instrument that produces sounds of electric and acoustic guitars, in addition to offering unlimited possibilities with synth access system. The output from the bridge transducer system in the LGX-SA produces six separate signals-one for each string. This divided signal is called Divided, is used to control guitar synths.


How to say chuis love ... So you say love is blind, how to be impartial in my opinion?? The fact is is that the is excellent on many points that were essential to me. We have everything at hand and easily passes from one type to another with his direct mixes easily

The only downside for me who played little on power, the weight of this type of solid body guitar


The acoustic sound is simply stunning if you bother to plug it into a DI box or an acoustic amp.
The two Seymour Duncan humbuckers (splitable "Single Coil via the switch 5 positions) are great for their incredible range of sounds.
Finally, the hexa is accurate (ebony) and obviously depending on what you put behind. I myself have a GR 33 I am trying to change to a GR55.


I for three months and I very much useful on stage. I put one-year loan to choose. And I do not regret my choice.
In addition to a sound "magic" it is beautiful. Very nice ...
What else if not a wonderful gift for my 50th birthday