Zackstan 05/21/2004

Godin LGX-SA : Zackstan's user review


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The LGX-SA is a three voice instrument that produces sounds of electric and acoustic guitars. The output of the transducer bridge the LGX-SA produces six individual signals, one for each string. The LGX has a touch of bne. Manufacturing in Canada only.

Touche bne
Radius of 40.6 cm (16 in.)
Pitch of 64.75 cm (25 1 / 2 inch)
Nut 4.3 cm (1 11/16)
Mahogany body
Table in Saddle figurbr /> Seymour Duncan Humbuckers
Slecteur 5 positions
Guitar Volume
Tonalitbr /> Volume synthbr /> Slecteur Program
Slecteur 3 positions
Output magntique


The handle of the LGX is installed in a deep cavity with a precision cutting edge industry. This is of importance in your exact sound of the instrument, she Determines the optimum angle for better intonation of the handle, in addition to ensuring a smooth transfer of vibration between neck and body . All the careful fit and finish gives an acoustic guitar suprieure capacity and ensures extraordinary sound.

It has everything a great ............. This is a great


First and foremost, this type of guitar has to possder excellent acoustic sound. These instruments, when not connected, produce may not be a sound volume lev but do not mprenez. The weight and density of the wood used the quality and type of fixing the handle to the body of the instrument, the choice of the bridge and the nut all have a significant impact on the final rendering. The next time you are in a pice silent, surrounded by electric guitars, scrape a few chords while laying your ear on the body of the instrument. It is this sound to be amplified by the sensors.

Body and sleeves in Saddle RALIS drive from northeastern Canada. The drive shafts Saddle possdent several advantages, as the first to offer an excellent rponse in the high frequencies and for the hard amliorer sustained notes. Another advantage RSID remarkable stability in the sleeves that can provide


The rich sound of the mahogany tables in the remarkable figure as well as the Saddle intgration harmonious best electronic components The elements are the basis of this guitar. It is beautifully finished in hand, she is as comfortable and attractive.
I use it for 8 years and really DIFFERENT styles, sound, comfort and beauty polyvalenve the instrument I have never made default. For reasons I have to spare financires. Acteul its price in stores is 2000