Godin LGX-SA
Godin LGX-SA
MGR/Lee 12/10/2001

Godin LGX-SA : MGR/Lee's user review

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I purchased this guitar at Mars for $1400.
I mainly got this guitar because it had electric and accoustic sounds. Later I bought a VG-8 and a GR-30 to make use of
the thirteen pin output for Roland midi

Looks:With it's amber flame finish sitting
next to my PRS with a black flame finish,
Fantastic. (Hard to believe but I won't be
looking for another guitar while I have these two.)It has a maple capped mahogeny
body with a four bolt mahogeny neck with a
maple capped headstock.
Playability: Great! It has an ebony fret board and I seem to be able to play it
better than any other guitar except the PRS

I've had this guitar for around three years
and the only thing I could find fault with
is restringing the lighter strings. It
restrings from the back like the telecaster and needs a ferrule to run from the back side to the front side. Maybe it could use a
larger hole on the front side.

Neck: mahogeny with a maple capped headstock
Body: mahogeny with a maple capped top
Pick-ups: two Seymour Duncans
Controls: five way switch for the magnetic
pickups. Selects humbucking or single coil.
Volume and tone for magnetics.
Volume, bass, mid and treble for accoustic
pickup (LR Baggs)
Volume and two selector switches for the
Roland products.
Outputs: one quarter inch for magnetic pickups, one quarter inch for combination
magnetic and accoustic pickup
one thirteen pin for all three sources

This is one guitar I couldn't do without.
I would buy another if something would happen to it.
When I had a problem with the thirteen cable
making noise at the output, I emailed Godin
and they sent me another pc board with the
output on it for free and with no hassles.
It was nice dealing with them.

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