Godin LGX-SA
Godin LGX-SA
MGR/Dan "Sir Nothing" 12/20/2001

Godin LGX-SA : MGR/Dan "Sir Nothing"'s user review

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$1300 + 13 s/h

I like EVERYTHING about this guitar. Play, feel, sound, and incredible versitility.

Seymor Duncan pickups (Jazz II on neck, and custom made on bridge). PLUS peizo pickups on bridge with 13-pin connector for midi synth. So total of 3 !!!! output connections (1. standard electric pickups that go from Jazz to hard and heavy; 2. piezo pickup on bridge that does a pretty good acoustic sound; and 3. 13-pin midi that tracks sooo much better than standard GK-2A -- uses different technique). You can fade from piezo to regular pickups or totally fade either out, then with a GR synth (i have a GR-33) you have total control among ALL three sound sources. Actually very easy to use if you're familiar with synth guitars. Plays great, tremelo bar. Wide neck. AND absolutely beautiful. I own a lot of guitars (all the standards -- strat, gibson, rick, etc.) This one is in a class of it's own. I don't know when i'll have enough time to explore all of it's capabilities. Seymore designed the bridge pickup especially for this guitar. They're Canadian made (make Seagull acoustics too -- also incredible instruments). Sweetwater.com (Sean Parr) did me good on this. I'm ellated.

I'm afraid to play it, touch it, and scatch it, and i don't have time to explore it to it's fullest. :-) I'll get there.

I just can't nit-pick with this guitar -- it is just a premium boutique guitar that does it all.

Can it be TOO versitile?? Maybe some might get frustrated -- NOT old school basic and simple (but i do appreciated old school blues -- and many diverse old styles). This guitar still speaks to me like no other. Expensive, but for what you get (about 5 different guitars in one), it's more than worth it -- just as an art piece, it's worth it. Way to go Godin. Go USA !!! but my hats off to these Canadian luthiers.

Obviously TOP quality, solid and very well balanced. Beautiful top. Excellent feeling electronics (knobs, switches). Very cool tuning peg mechanism (no need to wind strings -- slip in and screw tight, then tune.) Thru body strings -- sustain like you dream of (go 'ave a bite, and you'll still be 'earing that one...).

This one goes to 11.

If you want a boutique synth guitar, you should check out the Godins. Even if you want a versitle electric you should check em out. Even if you dream, you check em out.

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