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Parker Guitars Fly Deluxe
Parker Guitars Fly Deluxe
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heads on fire heads on fire

« Incredible guitar. 10! »

Publié le 10/20/11 à 23:22
USA manufactured
Poplar body, basswood neck
Parker carbon-fiber composite fingerboard with 10 to 13 graduated conical radius
Parker carbon-fiber composite backing (for extra strength, since the guitar is so light)
Sperzel locking tuners
Stainless steel frets
Parker tremolo bridge
Fishman active preamp with piezo
Dimarzio humbuckers
Master Volume
Magnetic Volume
Magnetic Tone
Piezo Volume
Piezo Tone
3-way switch for Magnetic/Mag and Piezo/Piezo
3-way switch for Neck/Neck and Bridge/Bridge Magnetic pickups
weighs 4.5-5 pounds


This guitar is one of the most well designed instruments on this or any other planet. The Fly Deluxe has a neck that is made of pure perfection - it fits my hands perfectly, but everyone else that plays my guitars (I have a few) raves about the neck also!

The stainless steel frets (won't wear out!) make notes very clear and articulate, even in the most distorted and most complex jazz chords. T

The vibrato unit is so smooth - it is on a ball bearing system, not a knife edge.

It also stays in tune very well with the locking tuners. After my strings are properly stretched, I don't have to adjust the tuning for weeks sometimes!

The guitar is also incredibly light, so it feels great for gigs.


Pickups are smooth, articulate, and versatile - I can chicken pick, comp jazz, shred, and everything in between. The piezo is a great addition, as I can get great acoustic tones out of it, and I can also blend those tones with the magnetic pickups. It will run stereo or mono, which is a nice bonus.

The guitar overall is bright. I prefer guitars to be bright when the tone knob is full up, because I can always attenuate high end by rolling that tone knob back a bit. I can get so many good tones out of this axe, it's ridiculous.


I am unequivocally a Parker fan. I love their guitars, have owned 11 of them, and I will keep getting more. They are superb works of art, and they play like a dream, sound like a dream, and don't hurt my shoulder or back. They will do anything and everything and make you stand out at your gigs! Perfect 10 all across the board.
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