Behringer Vintager AC112
Behringer Vintager AC112

Vintager AC112, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Behringer in the Vintager series.

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MGR/Anonymous 05/05/2004

Behringer Vintager AC112 : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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I really want a tube amp but was put off by the price, so after reading the glowing reviews of this amp on this site I decided to buy one from in Brighton (£169.00) a load cheaper than anywhere else!!.

It arrived next day and I was blown away with the performace of the unit (it's seriously loud!!)

Real tube like sounds from deep mellow clean sounds to Marshall stack overdrive.

If you play with the master volume below five the sound turns quite dull and weak but (heres the good bit) you can regulate the volume with the seperate clean and overdrive channel volume controls. So no biggy!

Built like a tank although some of the controls are a bit wobbly and feel like they may fall off!

The headphone jack on mine stopped working and when I contacted Behringer they told me to send it back to the shop who would send it to them, it was repaired and returned to me within 8 days.

Customer service was brilliant!

This really is a fantastic amp for the price, I was a bit pissed off about the headphone jack but Behringer proved to me that they are dedicated to customer satisfaction.

If you can't afford a full tube amp, you can't go wrong with this. Top stuff!

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