Behringer Vintager AC112
Behringer Vintager AC112

Vintager AC112, Modelling Combo Guitar Amp from Behringer in the Vintager series.

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MGR/Don Coyer 08/18/2004

Behringer Vintager AC112 : MGR/Don Coyer's user review

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I've been using different amps over the years, had been using a Peavey Bandit 75 for a few years because you can hurl them out of an airplane and they'll still work. Mine finally croaked. Tired of fixing it, so I checked out a bunch of amps. Been really intrigued with Behringer stuff because of the price, but also some pretty amazing features. I have one of their compressors that I use for my studio and it's great, and also a headphone amp. So, I checked into several of their amps, and overall, I decided the AC-112 with a vintage tube sound along with a lot of digital effects would be good. I'm trying it in my studio now, and so far, it's great. I paid $299 for it. Free shipping.

The clean and distorted tones sound great, I'll know more when I use it at a gig, but I don't see that there'll be any problem. Actually, I think this is just the punchy little number I've been looking for, and it's quite tweakable, so it should work great. The amp is larger than I had thought, but not in a bad way, and it's not really THAT heavy, unless you're a wuss. I like that you can use a midi foot controller with it to access the parameters, since I already have a big old Boss controller just sitting around. I may end up getting a Behringer controller with the 2 expression pedals, since I use a volume pedal and Wah. Another thing I like is that I may not have to use much or any compression with this amp. Most amps or pedals with digital FX include compression, but it's always crappy and grainy sounding, I can't stand it, so I always use an outboard compressor pedal with anything I use. May not be a problem now.The controls being on top like an old Vox or Ampeg might be a drag, but I knew that when I bought it, and I think the pedals will eliminate that from being a problem.
I like the tone. The distortion is great, I think it's exactly what I've been looking for

So far, I've liked everything. It seems like a slight hassle figuring out how to set up the presets, but hey, I'm lazy.

This thing is BUILT. Very solid, and it looks much better than the photos lead one to believe. It's a great combo of vintage and modern. The controls on top are laid out logically. I may build a padded half box to slip over the top before I put it in my road case, as the knobs, though flush to the top of the amp, are in a bit of a vulnerable position.

I'm aware that there may be some slight problems with this amp as I use it at gigs, but I've read a lot about it online, and for instance, the buzz of the cabinet that is the main gripe I've heard, I also read it can be fixed but putting electricians tape around the 2 sections of the amp. That would require taking it apart, but this amp has enough features that it appears to be worth the little extra effort. I doubt there will ever be one amp that covers all bases, but this may come close. I'm surprised at how much I like it already.

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