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Roland Modelling Combo Guitar Amps user reviews

  • Roland Cube-15X

    Roland Cube-15X - tartiflettepower's review


    See below! UTILIZATION The configuration is it simple? Yes very simple! To clean but mostly thanks to distortion (or cause) of the 4 predefined sounds. The manual is clear and sufficient? ... I do not remember having had a manual, but t'f…

  • Roland Cube-30X

    Roland Cube-30X - Lodja's review


    Amp Aesthetics debatable, but pretend nanmoins extremely solid. In fact, during my research dmarches amp, the emblem had to be excluded by that physically, he did not face a real guitar amp, but plutt that of an amp to do everything closely resembl…

  • Roland Cube-80X

    Roland Cube-80X - ultravox's review


    Transistor 80 UTILIZATION Yes yes SOUNDS Yes Start, yamaha sg OVERALL OPINION Test av a cube face 60 much lower than the 60 mdium is the surprise (the box is a little wider) so gently on the lower the most: the spar d…

  • Roland Cube-60

    Roland Cube-60 - Xoblos-vince's review


    Power amp: 60 watts! I dir it is almost double! 6 type of effect: delay / reverb, chorus, flanger, etc. ...... You just plug a normal plug and of course a jack! 7 / 8 type of distortion pe unfortunately can not connect a guitar so 9 / 10 UT…

  • Roland Cube-30

    Roland Cube-30 - janobiwan's review


    See description of Audiofanzine: * 2-channel guitar amplifier speaker 10-inch 30 Watts * Modlisation damplis COSM effects and DSP Intgr * 8 DIFFERENT sounds damplis * Chorus, Flanger, Phaser and Trmolo * Delay and rverbration indpendants …

  • Roland Cube-30

    Roland Cube-30 - stanouche's review


    30w amp transistors 1 instrument input, a footswitch input, 1 x headphone or line out, and an auxiliary input settings for two channels: bass middle treble, effects chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo on a button and another for the delay or reverb.…

  • Roland Cube-30

    Roland Cube-30 - narvrek's review


    30W compact little amp modlisations see below CHARACTERISTICS UTILIZATION The configuration could not be simpler, and you plug it plays, there is no getting lost in the buttons. Given the number of amp modliss, we finally found happiness. SOU…

  • Roland Cube-20X

    Roland Cube-20X - SlapKid's review


    It's 20 watts into 4 ohmns, hp 20cm, 2 channels (clean more choice of six) for an eq out the World, effects and delay / reverb spare. Footswitch for channel and effects without bed. Power squeeze, not because food gnial The definition and the trebl…

  • Roland Cube-30X

    Roland Cube-30X - BassWalk's review


    See the chart for Retailer CHARACTERISTICS. All transistor, it is good 30 watts. Connectivity complte. Rglages and full effects. I do not use the tuner I Intgr prfre my Korg DT-10 but it is a dtail. It's all in one for home use. UTILIZATI…

  • Roland Cube-30

    Roland Cube-30 - John Michael's review


    Effect transistors and Cosm Power 30 Watts 1 HP 10 "incorporated not spare output Hp Instrument between input and Auxiliary In Headphone / Recording 2 switchable channels: clean (Volume) and Lead (Volume + gain): Acoustic - Black Panel …