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  • Roland VGA-5

    Roland VGA-5 - "Roland VGA-5"


    I bought this amp about 3 months ago. I needed something smaller to take to gigs and sessions (it was getting rather tedious to drag around a half stack everywhere). I got it from Sam Ash for around $450 with shipping costs. The amp also has quite …

  • Roland Cube-30

    Roland Cube-30 - "Roland Cube 30"


    I bought this little beast at Mike's Music in Bognor Regis, England 2 days ago for approximately £155 as part of a deal with the ROland bass 30 cube. My requirements were as follows:- Very portable Loud enough to play at small function alongsid…

  • Roland Cube-30

    Roland Cube-30 - "Roland Cube 30"


    Local guitar shop for $370 canadian (/w tax). Nice clean sound with JC clean, deep sounding accoustic mode, lots of great distortion modes with various different gains. Special effects sound great with tapping and soloing. Delay/reverb are always go…

  • Roland Blues Cube BC-30 210

    Roland Blues Cube BC-30 210 - "Roland BC-3 Blues Cube"


    I found myself in need of an inexpensive guitar amp fast when a band member knocked my borrowed Fender Blues Jr. off a chair and it developed a nasty reverb buzz (not to mention an irritated owner). Blues Jrs. have doubled in price in the last three …

  • Roland Cube-15

    Roland Cube-15 - "Roland CUBE-15"


    I purchased this unit at Lietz Music in Panama City, FL. I had been lookining for a good quality practice amp that was portable and had a headphone jack (for my wife's benefit during late night practice sessions). I paid about $119.00 for this unit. …

  • Roland Blues Cube BC-30 210

    Roland Blues Cube BC-30 210 - "Roland Bluescube 30"


    I acquired this amp off of musician friends for nice price off 200 dollars. I was looking for something to play the blues with for a reasonable price, and the bluescube was it. I like the fact that it has 2 channels, one the clean channel and one w…

  • Roland Blues Cube BC-60

    Roland Blues Cube BC-60 - "Roland BC-60 Blues Cube (1-12)"


    $439 plus tax and shipping from Musician's Friend. I was looking for a responsive and flexible amp, big enough to do club dates but not so heavy as to throw my back out. I think I found it. I think the Blues Cube is the best kept secret in guitar …

Translated user reviews
  • Roland Cube-60

    Roland Cube-60 - " not at the 30w"


    60w very powerful, I just cube 30w and it's not at all the same lemonade! simillaires effects cube 30x but no tuner and works only bright clear sound UTILIZATION use could not be more simple, it sounds on whatever the adjustment then it's a mat…

  • Roland Cube-30X

    Roland Cube-30X - " Good amp."


    It has a power transistor. It delivers a power of 30 Watts. I love the facade of settings, with the top left buttons equalizer in the top right contains the amp effects (Chorus / Flanger / Phaser / Tremolo and Reverb / Delay), bottom left button an…

  • Roland Cube-40GX

    Roland Cube-40GX - " Not terrible."


    The amp has a clean, several saturations, not too much, but enough to cover all needs. Who really needs 30 different Satus indeed? The effects are good, really, especially reverb, balanced, whatever the position of the potentiometer. Can register w…