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Roland Modelling Combo Guitar Amps user reviews

  • Roland Cube-20X

    Roland Cube-20X - VINCEB77's review


    It is a transistor amp modeling. It has 2 clean sounds (JC clean and acoustic simulation) and 5 modeling sounds distorted sounds: overdrive, drive tube, distortion, metal, metal stack. It features 6 effects: chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, delay, a…

  • Roland Cube-60

    Roland Cube-60 - " An amazing amp!"


    60 W amplifier transistor Clean channel: bright, volume, equalizer, presence Lead channel: 9 different amp tones archi known (AC30, black panel, tweed, Marshall, Rectifier, etc..), Equalizer, presence. PS: There is also an "acoustic" bluffing r…

  • Roland Cube-30X

    Roland Cube-30X - " Ideal for a good start"


    Amp transistor, a power of 34W to 2W switchable via the power squeezer Connectors: Input Jack, to. in, footswitch in, recording out. 8 different modeling amps and clean Roland JC120. Effects: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Delay, Reverb. …

  • Roland Cube-80GX

    Roland Cube-80GX - " A great amp!"


    Transistor amp with modeling part Extensive connection with line out and recording in the back. 80w announced Two parties to the amp: Roland Jazz Chorus types and part modeling (Fender, Vox Marshall ...) Effects with Cosm technology: reverb, …

  • Roland Cube-40XL

    Roland Cube-40XL - "Amp of choice"


    It is a modeling amplifier 40 Watts, 100% solid state (ie, without a shadow of a lamp). The amp is small, it houses a 10-inch speakers (made by Roland) and is light enough (about 10 kg). This is a very handy amp. An attenuator called "power squ…

  • Roland Cube-40XL

    Roland Cube-40XL - " The good stuff"


    Amp roland cube 40 xl. UTILIZATION Simple manual. SOUNDS A wide range of sound for all styles. OVERALL OPINION 1 month of use, I decided to give you my opinion because I often came upon audiofanzine to read the feedback from readers of th…

  • Roland Cube-20X

    Roland Cube-20X - " There's also better"


    20 w transistor with some emulations, a headphone jack, two channels, some effects (chorus, echo, reverb, phaser, flanger, tremolo ...) Everything has been said. Regarding the characteristics, few complaints: -Few models, when you see that a lot…

  • Roland Cube-80XL

    Roland Cube-80XL - dark-shine's review


    La Totale! ! - The sound of JC 120 - The great delay effects, chorus, flanger ... Amp simulation and Looper UTILIZATION Easier IMPOSSIBLE! SOUNDS Yes, oh yes, the revelation for me Sound: Clean, crisp and more I use a Schect…

  • Roland Cube-15XL

    Roland Cube-15XL - " Good little amp"


    What kind of amplification (lamp, transistor, ...)? Transistor What is the power delivered? 15W What connection? Jack In, Out Jack (Headphone and Line) What are the settings, effects? ... A clean channel with volume adjustment, chann…

  • Roland Cube-40XL

    Roland Cube-40XL - " Perfect for home and rehearsals"


    Transistor modeling, 2-channel amp with several types available including an acoustic guitar simulator and gain setting for the second, 3-band EQ common. 3 volumes, one for each channel and one for the "Solo". 40W, more than enough to cope with d…