Tech 21 SansAmp PSA-1
Tech 21 SansAmp PSA-1

SansAmp PSA-1, Modelling Guitar Preamp from Tech 21 in the SansAmp series.

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HardBlues 01/12/2013

Tech 21 SansAmp PSA-1 : HardBlues's user review

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All analog FET.
Side connection is complete:
- Two input jack, a front panel and a rear panel with the possibility of attenuation 10 dB
- An effects loop one input and two outputs with a switch to mix 50%
- Two output and two XLR jack with switch attenuator 10db
- A jack for a footswitch
- Taking Midi In and Out / Thru
There's also the next settings of the world
- Preamp Drive and saturation levels for the preamp and amp
- Buzz, Punch and Drive to define the grain (Marshall, Fender others ...), each of these settings acting on a specific frequency range.
- Low and Hight to refine
- Level

What more?


The configuration is simple, but given the number of knobs and large operating ranges there is a way to spend time.
The manual is clear, but there is a priori in English ..
The factory presets are excellent.
Easily obtained dozens of good sounds!

Only downside for recording the simulation HP is a little light so I complete a Palmer "The IDPs Junction".
At the same time the fault is probably the quality that allows it to be equally at home plugged into a power amp with HP.


I use it with my Epiphone Les Paul, 50's wiring and pickups Classic 57.
It is perfect for my style of music (Blues, Rock and Hard Rock), but also many other styles I'm sure.
Very nice clean sounds Fenderien changing a little factory presets (less successful than the Marshall and Mesa I think)
Next we will crunch the more subtle, which manages the attack, more cantankerous with a range of impressive grain.
Being focused on little big distos I will not pass judgment the above but there obviously what it takes ...


I use it for a month, and I tried kilos of gear (amps, pedals, numerical simulators, software) before finding my happiness.
What I like the most? Everything!
What I like least? the absence of on / off switch but ...
Used for € 220 the price is unbeatable, if I had the choice again I would not hesitate one second