Tech 21 SansAmp PSA-1
Tech 21 SansAmp PSA-1

SansAmp PSA-1, Modelling Guitar Preamp from Tech 21 in the SansAmp series.

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MGR/R. Wharton 11/04/2001

Tech 21 SansAmp PSA-1 : MGR/R. Wharton's user review

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Bought to satisfy my versatile needs. £460 UK (ex-shop demo)

This is a one unit guitarbass pre-amp with 49factor presets and 49 user presets. The psa is described as a 'tube emulator' but it is of such qaulity that I see it as an amp in it's own write. Unlike the popular 'Amp Emulators' (Pod etc) this unit is not made up of an amp select, cab select, drive and eq controls. It is made up of all parameter controls which are tweaked to make it sound like you want it (like another well known amp for instance) there for it is extreamly versatile compared to other emulators out there.

Err i like everything thats there, but to add bad points id have to say:

The lack a detachable power chord is a minus and also in-built reverb would be nice

The PSA is built like a really well built err...thing. Shallow 1U rackmount

I have no bad opinions of what IS there just the lacking features i mentioned. If this was stolen, id have to replace it ASAP.

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