Tech 21 SansAmp PSA-1
Tech 21 SansAmp PSA-1

SansAmp PSA-1, Modelling Guitar Preamp from Tech 21 in the SansAmp series.

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Greig 12/01/2004

Tech 21 SansAmp PSA-1 : Greig's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
It preamp guitar / bass programmable analog simulation with HP. format a 19 "1U.
technology? Custom circuit patent Tech21 "SansAmp", no lights
Fully noon (mapping, no ....), Write Protect Settings, only patches.
connection? facade: Input. Rear: Input with attnuation, send, return G / D with 50/50 switch to limit the signal affect 50%, Output L / R with attnuation jack, XLR Output. Between MIDI, footswitch between.
Prg 49 factory, 49 users


It is deceptively simple: the knobs to turn, a "notch" to save a afiche 2 x 7 segment to read the num prog ...
Seemingly simple as there are 9 qd same knobs that can sculpt the sound:
Preamp: level of
Buzz: Boost / saturation serious
Punch: Boost / cut / saturation of mediums
Crunch: Boost / cut / saturation of acute
Drive output level of the pre-preamp, the saturation dose global
Bass and Treble: EQ active preamp post
Level: general level.

Drout enough, the first 5 knobs are very interactive, not just dpart .. but the factory presets are well done, clean sounds rather qques Christalin, qques crunches and a lot of big sounds ....


I use this preamp recently, it is possible that this opinion I see when I master it.

The preamp is able to be defined mulate the sounds of classic amps, the spresets also carry their names (as in Line 6). some are available listening su rle site Tech21. well, there are 10 preset marshamall, 10 fender, boogie 10, 10 and 10 different low ...

I do not know much about the hardware of the original but the limits regardless of the preamp sounds good to my ears. I found him a true Personal and a wide range of sounds, especially saturated, of its own or in dirty boogisien fenderien.
I Interacting with Roxanne, a junior and a Start in front of a Marshall EL84 20/20 and qques pedals in the effects loop - see my pedal board on my profile) long live the 50/50 switch, ideal for testing transparency of Multi Fx The GX is not like that ....


I use it for 1 year (bought used on AF), the diffrence with my stuff is blatant Previous ....
I like the sound, the knobs available on the connector.
I like the least difficulty setting (although I think it sounds anyway ...)
Good quality price, but the midday light pramps not lgion ... ADA MP, Marshall JMP-1 and the recess TriAxis but that's another fee.

I had long coveted, I esay the JMP-1, that I do not versatile enough.