Boss PS-6 Harmonist
Boss PS-6 Harmonist
tonmazz 08/04/2012

Boss PS-6 Harmonist : tonmazz's user review

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The Boss PS-6 can produce muti guitar sounds to emulate two or even three guitars playing at once. It has jacks for stereo use and even a jack to utilze an expression pedal with this unit. You can set your harmonies for major or minor keys and with the Key knob pick your exact key. The pitch shifter and detune option is also available for selection with the mode button. It also comes with a very detailed owners manual.


The utilization of this unit and how easy it is depends on what your use will be. I have found the Harmonist features to be a bit difficult to master. I also feel that this is maybe too much functionality for a stomp box. It gets hard to keep track of the different modes within this small unit as the knobs do different things depending on which mode you are in. The manual is detailed but this still seems a bit complex for a stomp box.


The sound quality is ok but I have played better Harmonists and better units that emulate Harmony a bit better than this unit. That being said, there may be those that can dial this in better than I can which speaks to the ease of use I referenced above. I think something like the GT-10 is much better for simulating multi-guitar scenarios that sound realistic and is easier to figure out.


The one shining feature of this unit is the detune setting which basically simulates a whammy bar. I play a Les Paul and play in a cover band so every now and then need to do a dive bomb and for that, this is perfect! I suppose if you are looking for a basic Harmonist that can do the job, this is sufficient but I have played and gigged with better units for simulating multiple guitars, the GT-10 for one. If you want to simulate a dive bomb on a fixed bridge guitar, go and get one today and you won't be sorry. The other thing that is tough with this unit is that when transporting, it is so easy to twist up the knobs and figuring out where your settings were can be a pain. As I said the complexity built into this little unit makes for a lot of choices on the 4 knobs which is a minus in the ease of use category. All in all does the job but there are better options for Harmonists.