Boss PS-6 Harmonist
Boss PS-6 Harmonist
nowhereman 09/06/2013

Boss PS-6 Harmonist : nowhereman's user review

«  POG and Whammy in a more + »

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it's been a while seriously eyeing to whammy, POG and other pitcheuse whatnot.
the whammy had the advantage of offering fairly extreme effects, but ..... not mix effect?!

POG, he had the advantage of offering near the organ effects, ideal for arpeggios but ..... no expression pedal?!

Then I stumbled on the boss PS-6 to 60% (90 €) with my expression pedal of aluminum Roland (Boss FV-500-L) pedale-volume-guitare/boss/FV-500L/avis / So I try the machine ....
And then, oh joy, it includes the effect of the two pedals mentioned previously with functions +!!

as mentioned above:
1 harmonizer 1, 2 or 3 voices (major or minor)
2 pitch shifter (like EHX pog)
3 detune (chorus)
4 S bend (Style Whammy)

full digital technology (obviously)

at connection:
1 input, 2 outputs (stereo) and an outlet for expression pedal!

no MIDI connection (like the Whammy)


Not being an astrophysicist and not practicing physical song at breakfast, this PS6 left me puzzled at least 3 min ... because the three control buttons have different functions depending on the position of the MODE

However, after watching some videos on youtube (thank you to him), everything became clear

the manual is more useful if you have this effect ... you can download it at the following link:

note: my notes for a grip without the user manual (moderately intuitive ...)

I like the reminders: I made a page with settings gleaned from various youtube video settings


the effect is very effective (see extreme for some modes) with a typical sound quality of digital effects

if you are looking for sounds to RATM, the kills, white stripes, Brian May, black keys, or Gilmour solo déguelasses (like 80's metal solo) and many other things that you will pedal!

using an expression pedal is essential, it handles different settings depending of S bend (note pitch), detune (mix dry / wet) pitch shifter (mix dry / wet)


I use it since yesterday and after some hesitation due to price and a test group, I am totally hooked!

PS6 before this, I tried the Whammy DT, the POG POG 2 and micro .... and SP6 has the main sounds of competition, with options including competition lacks ...

THE +: the range of possible sounds and effects

LE -: I have not yet found ....

90 euros, I resigns now!

Ps: if you have settings of death, send them! I will update the page setting ... (Highlight below what guitarist and / or song)