Boss PS-6 Harmonist
Boss PS-6 Harmonist
V old man on the hill 02/13/2013

Boss PS-6 Harmonist : V old man on the hill's user review

«  Blue Whammy »

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The Boss Harmonist PS 6 is the latest version of the series pitch shifter. Boss digital energizable with a classic transformer 9v DC with one input and two outputs and a stereo plug in for optional expression pedal.
This pedal is divided into four groups of effects:
Pitch shifter
S Bend (whammy)
The first three potentiometers can be found differament assigned according to the selected mode.


Each mode is a church and for my part I regret the fact that Boss is not integrated magnets or stickers to put on the facade of its multifunction pedals.
The manual is very simple accentuates this regret.
I do not singerais it by lending me the game descriptions.
Just to say that the four effects are convincing in their respective styles.
But we must choose a mode s and hold it there for a pedalboard and integration of a concert set list I do not see how we can turn those little knobs on the acting harmony in the dark.
For my part I derive the maximum of this pedal is an oscillation between S mode and detune bend me therefore allows easy switch between Whammy 2 octaves and a very considerable light Chorus.


Quality Boss is waiting for you. Because when it comes to hack digital brand knows his business unlike analog which leaves me cold.
Adrian Smith and Dave Muray your amp is up to you! Be aware that the credibility of harmonies straight does not replace a real pair of guitarists. But it can play permetre Bridge Master of puppets fairly unlike the founding fathers of thrash. If the sound of Steve Vai's 90 is still valid for you here is a pedal connection with your tastes.
It outputs a shifted sound of one or two octaves up or down. Finally, a pitch shifter anything!
A very light and transparant chorus can not satisfy people in search of a more pronounced effect.
S-BEND is the reason for my purchase because I'm at war with Digitech since arrived after two Whammy I (sold to upgrade two Whammy IV, do not laugh, please!) And still the same problems I have seized the opportunity to switch to the pedal and the surprise was pleasant. First, contrary to what the manual says any expression pedal (stereo jack) can do taf, you find the glass slipper.
But the surprise is the utiisée as such, the pressure on the PS6 only generates whammy effect controlled by the first and third knobs become a Rise and Fall Time. Awesome!
The second potentiometer selects the desired effect offset -3 octave to 4 octaves. (Get it!)


One of the major deficiencies of the concurrency red fire is what bypass ultra colorful digital and not found on the Harmonist, which cut when her some momentum. This is why I have also turned the pedal, my very old Roland EV5 all seemed slow and only responds to PS6 day today my expectations. But I testerais well BOSS FV 500!
Finally I knew the existence of The Ring Thing but the visual does not inspire me more than that. And then the Whammy is one of the coolest effects in the world is not so ca Electro Harmonix and BOSS pedals manufactured more reliable and powerful.
Done and done well!