Boss PS-6 Harmonist
Boss PS-6 Harmonist
titivedder 12/22/2013

Boss PS-6 Harmonist : titivedder's user review

«  Multifunction pedal, I love it! »

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This is the digital
Several very nice effects:
- A pitch shifter
- The ability to add harmonies to the notes (a third, a fifth, a seventh, an octave above or above) and even harmonies 3 ratings
- The detuned, very friendly, giving an effect of tune as its name suggests, makes great
- My favorite, the S-Bend or Great Bend down or up a shot of one or more octaves (like early Black Keys Lonely Boy for example)


Use not necessarily obvious at first, except for the S-bend, you tame!


The pitch sounds and harmony sound a bit artificial, but it looks good!
The S-Bend is great, and the detuned
I use it with or without distortion (with a good fuzz on the S-Bend, slap!)


I use it for over a year now, I'm glad I did not change.
I would have tried the expression pedal with the most precision.
It is a bit pricey, but worth it I think