Boss PS-6 Harmonist
Boss PS-6 Harmonist
Echo tango 01/16/2012

Boss PS-6 Harmonist : Echo tango's user review

«  Powerful tool! »

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See section on the information sheet. In summary we have a detune / pitch shifter / harmonizer extensive opportunities, all controllable via an expression pedal.


The manual saves some time, especially for master mode "harmonizer". To edit the sounds you turn the knobs and that's it. It remains to see how it gérertout live.Avec in a little practice you should be fine.


placed after a distortion pedal / overdrive (I use the personal Dist-X or the Blackstar HT-Dual) this pedal sounds of hell mode harmonizer. Mode "detune" is the most beautiful effect in the clear. S Bend is a bit more difficult to control. An expression pedal seems a great help if we want to exploit the bug fond.Correctement doses, the effects are very musical. As for the next "articial" harmonies produced one likes it or not. I went through a few forums that talked about problems of tracking: for my part I have not noticed the noticeable at this level.


Purchased 3 days ago in 2nd hand 30 minutes trial convinced me. I was looking for a harmonizer to "inflate" some solos and I must say that this machine performs its role. The +: Boss of the strength, stability effects. If there was a "less": the pedal is not like "to stick in his pedal board and en route to the gig tonight." We must work systematically to find the harmonies that stick to a particular solo. The hardest part will still not use it all the time :-)