Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows Vista

Windows Vista, Operating System from Microsoft in the Windows series.

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Microsoft Windows Vista : Anonymous 's user review


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- Windows Vista Home Premium edition pre-installed no pb, fluid etc.
- Dual core 1.7 GHz, 1 GB ram on a compaq laptop.
- Pleasant eye etc, the first approach, "visual" positive.


- From the point of view against recognizing hard / soft antrieurement bought it problmatique.

- Pnible character as the confirmation of each action: Honestly it is stressful, one wonders if it was not a bad manipulation when it is "normal" in Vista

Effectus tests last night on the nine mobile (1 week) from my friend, bcp bcp pbs:
- Can not launch the app the Philips GoGear MP3 player compatible XP yet, new appliance I offered him! Fortunately, the soft WMP11 recognized j'tais if left for a refund of the MP3 player because of Vista! (Unit offered last night! Inquitude for a long time!)

- So I use to test apps win. Result: of those apps do not pass on Vista as they are functional for years on all versions of Windows 98 to XP through NT4 and 2000 pro. Only Vista does not allow the installation

Vista this will not be for me.
Direction Switch the dual core Mac Mini comes with a triple boot (Mac OS X Linux Win XP Pro)! it is not DX10 video games that will make me change my mind!


I will not do any of that choice.
Windows end of the adventure, not about to leave ZrO each new release of Windows hardware and software issue! Absolutely no cost!
Microsoft throws me into the arms of Apple. I switch.

After what I personally found last night, what I've read on Vista (PBS compatibility) is unfortunately true, I confirm! So I will stop XP has ... No choice ... All this is absolutely appalling. While using Wine or Cedega or Codeweavers, the Win apps run on Linux, Windows apps do not work on Windows ... the height of absurdity!

Goodbye Vista
A Leopard soon!
I urge those who want to still take a new PC with Vista, to make their apps with them for a test Prior store (not to mention the problems = increasing drivers, sound cards etc.) CAUTION.