Yamaha Electone D85
Yamaha Electone D85

Electone D85, Organ from Yamaha in the Electone series.

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YAC5 10/19/2012

Yamaha Electone D85 : YAC5's user review

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Three keyboards, including a synth. One semi-pedalboard.
Synth: 37 keys.
Upper and lower keyboards: 49 keys each.
Pedalboard: 13 pedals

Synth: 12 tunable instruments. Portamento. Transposition. Volume.
Brilliance, wahwah, vibrato. Depth, speed, delay. Touching or auto.
23 multiposition levers.
7 flutes, 8 orchestra instruments, 4 preset tones.
4 attack tone levers. Sustain.
10 multiposition levers.
4 flutes, 5 orchestra instruments, 1 preset tone.
5 multiposition levers.
2 basses, 3 orchestra instruments.
4 multiposition levers.
Brilliance, vibrato (delay, depth, speed).
Upper/lower balance
Volume pedal+multi-function switch (glide, damper, rhythm stop, portamento).
Flute response, orchestra response, flute percussive decay.
Solo to upper and Solo to pedal couplers.
Drum machine:
16 rhythms with 4 variations.
Volume, drums/cymbals balance
Sync. Tempo. 6 different breaks for each variation.
Sequencer programmer, 3 programs, 3 variations.
Special effects:
Automatic tunings (4 types, 2 memory, 4 multi-bass)
Special preset: 8 instr. Repeat. Volume.
2 voice groups and 8 other custom voices. Brilliance, volume.
5 special/custom couplers.
8 auto arpeggios with 3 adjustable voices. Sustain.
Rhythm chord 4 pianos/guitar aut. Sustain.
Adjustable speed. Chorus.
Upper flute, lower flute, upper orch., lower orch.
Symphonic chorus. Celeste, upper flute, lower flute, upper orch., lower orch., pedal.
Headphones jack, aux. in, aux. out, exp in.
Leslie speaker connector. Tone cabinet connection.
Fold-away music rest. Bench with sheet music storage space.
220V, 480W power supply.
Center channel: 60W with 3 speakers (12", 8", 2")
Tremolo channel: 60W with one 8" rotating speaker
Left channel: 30W with one 8" speaker
Right channel: 30W with one 8" speaker
L=46-1/2" P= 29-1/2" H=41"
Weight: 253 lbs.
Music rest: lutrin L=29" H=8".
Bench: L=26", H=22", P=12"
Organ and bench in Walnut.
Customizations: lighting of the keyboard with LED underneath the music rest

The mark given corresponds to the purchase date.


3 clear and comprehensive user manuals.
Introduction for beginners
User guide
Registration manual
Easy configuration for most controls.
Programming of rhythm sequences not very practical.

The mark given corresponds to the purchase date.


The sounds were very good back in the time.
Today, the drum machine obviously sounds pretty basic and the sounds are limited.
However, all in all, it still suits my music perfectly: Commercial music and chanson. A bit of classic music. Lots of jazz and blues.
I hate noise and distorted sounds.

The rating I gave it corresponds to the purchase.


30 years of use.
I tested it a lot before buying it.
I love most of all the synth.
The value for money was good but passion had a lot to do with my decision.

In hindsight, I would've bought something with a full pedalboard and richer sound register. I lack midi right now.

The mark given corresponds to the purchase date.