Yamaha Electone D85
Yamaha Electone D85

Electone D85, Organ from Yamaha in the Electone series.

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moosers 04/30/2009

Yamaha Electone D85 : moosers's user review


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The Yamaha Electone D-85 is a three keyboard analog organ. While they call these Electones organs, they don't have the traditional sounds you would think of when you think of a pump or Hammond organ, as this has more synth organ and synth emulations of acoustic instruments built in. It has a built in speaker and is a fully polyphonic keyboard. The two bottom keyboards have full sized keys, while the top one has mini sized keys.


The configuration of the Yamaha Electone D-85 is somewhat complex because of how many different sections there are, but after some playing around it won't take long to understand exactly what everything does. On top, there are levers for adding different instrument tones to your sound, and there are then a ton of buttons and sliders for various arpeggios, sustains, and other settings. There is then a section for effects and another for making drum and rhythmic patterns. While it would take forever to outline each section of the Yamaha Electone D-85, suffice it to that they are a great deal of options available on this organ. I don't have a manual for the this keyboard, but it would probably be a good idea to have it around while learning this unit, as there are a lot of ins and outs.


The sound of the Yamaha Electone D-85 is unique and while the emulations aren't too realistic sounding, the outcome is a unique blend of emulation of acoustic instruments and synth like sounds. This will work in a lot of situations, but I wouldn't recommend it at all as a emulation of any other instrument. It is what it is in the sense that it has its own unique sound and should be used creatively as its own instrument.


I've been using the Yamaha Electone D-85 for about five years and have come to really enjoy playing this. It is really its own instrument, sounding like a unique synth that definitely has the 1980's mark branded on it. If you can find one of these used, you can probably find a pretty good deal on one, and if you do it is definitely worth a play to see if it might fit with your style.