Waves Chris Lord-Alge Signature Series
Waves Chris Lord-Alge Signature Series

Chris Lord-Alge Signature Series, Other effects bundle or multi-effect from Waves.

yoTrakkz 10/06/2011

Waves Chris Lord-Alge Signature Series : yoTrakkz's user review

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The Waves Chris Lord Alge Artist Signature collections is a collections of powerful plug ins that we all need! These signature products are incredibly effective to quickly to get to 80% of what is needed. Today I use a combination of Waves Modeling (classics and analog modeled plug-ins) and get excellent results. The ability to drop these into mixes to get quickly off the ground is amazing.


I must admit, I was skeptical until I did the demos. Musicians not familiar with engineering should be all over these. They won't learn much about "how" to get there with EQ/compression but they can surely get somewhere fast. After trying the Vocals plugin, I was immediately sold and had to purchase the collection. Normally I've got my vocals going through an EQ and Compressor, and with sends out to two delays and a reverb. The Vocals plug-in does all that in one go , and with such incredible ease of use that it becomes an absolute snap to get the sound you need. Really, the quality of sound output versus the amount of energy and time input is phenomenal.


Overall, I am blown away by these plugins they really make the mix come to life, i have used them for a project with no other plugins and the mix sounded great. So for anyone looking at buying Waves Chris Lord-Alge Artist Signature Collection plugins i say go for it you wont regret it. Download the demo version and you will immediately want to purchase it, no matter how much it is. I got mine for right around 750 on sale at a guitar center. It was worth every single penny. This is a very professional software created by a professional that knows what he is doing. Surprisingly the manual isn’t to bad either, pretty easy to understand, that’s always a plus!