GForce Software Phat.Boy V2
GForce Software Phat.Boy V2

Phat.Boy V2, Other MIDI Control Surface from GForce Software.

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elomak_fr 05/25/2003

GForce Software Phat.Boy V2 : elomak_fr's user review


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Looks like BlueBird (first opinion) has never met dfecteux hardware ... pfff ... has arrived my great you know!

Good .. speak little but are talking about ... the PhatBoy is THE MIDI Controller possder. The knobs are super soft and the carcass of Contents and the knobs are not "fake" as Evolution UC16 .... the UC16 really the toy PhatBoy ct.

I think it is important to value the principle of MIDI Controller:
- The goal is not to have a knob for each button VSTi or Soft Control and say "or j'pilote my soft with my Controller midi" ...
- ... but it's to have a sufficient number of knobs for frequently used functions like the filter, flanger, delay, distortion etc etc. .... You tell me that you change every 30sec NAP ATTACK or a sound?

Anyway, we have the possibility to change the MIDI channel "on the fly" and the number of knobs found it therefore multiplied by the number of MIDI channels utiliss. It is clear that no substitute for a REAL number of knobs but makes many services (cf: the groove box and its dual function knobs ... this is exactly the same principle).

In the résumé is the PhatBoy MIDI Controller possder for use both in homestudio or evening. Its robustness makes it a foolproof and flexible knobs can use super enjoyable.