E-MU 1820m
E-MU 1820m

1820m, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from E-MU.

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Dinnis 03/02/2006

E-MU 1820m : Dinnis's user review


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So first of all I chose this card to its number of inputs and outputs for the quality of these two pr-amp Tfpro (c inch of m. ... e) headphone output, ADAT etc ... Pkoi all these entries? The reason is simple: for recordings of models, and the biggest concern as the battery ncissite 8 entries!

So my config is pretty simple:

AMD Athlon 2600 +
Asustek motherboard (A7N8X-vn)
120 GB Western Digital 7200 trs
512 MB 333

I use an ALTO L16 for mixing before entering the map.

I put a ten because there is no card on the market as to complte the same report qualitprix!

(Do not forget that with a PCI fontion that really relieves the CPU!)


Installation is no problem ... The only concern is the incompatibility with the video card Intgr the motherboard! And yes the GeForce 4 MX Intgr does not marry well with trs! Mute in the games and some critical shutdowns ... Since I added an AGP GeForce FX 5200 and: no more problem!

The setup is fairly intuitive, you just have some knowledge of the language of Shakespeare and rolls, plus there dej configs of "pre-configured" according to the record you want to do .. ..

And the manual is in Acrobat franais trs complete (I printed ...)

Because of the incompatibility ke I had, I put 8!


The drivers are stable and in addition to days set are arranged!
I use Cubase VST provided with (they could have a Cubase SX or The! But hey you can not have everything!).
I dscendu 2 ms latency and yes .... even when
Cel will be 6 months ke I use it and really I find it a trs ke good map, however I am not the only one to say ... TFPro amps are excellent, I use them mainly with microphones Samson CO2 Over-Head and I can say j'adorrrrre ke! And having a good console,
6 between the lines derrire can express themselves without problem ....
Here I have mainly used this card for recording drums on 8 tracks (for now) I would say koi in a month for the rest ... I do not think very deu!
I put him nine for the time ....

As promised, c. .... nananana nana na!

Here I come back to give me a little more objective! I spre because my opinion has not changed I find this card still good, I recorded the guitars through a POD 2.0 and my bass line and I find your exact trs ok ... I had more errors of beginners .... in both is normal! So by correcting the con ... ies is ten times better, no crashes ... the latency is still low 2 ms!


As I said six months is going to cel ke I use and I like everything, it is simple and intuitive ... prcis sound is warm and ... the sound is magic, and finally here I would return if necessary on this opinion a little later when the model is over ....

The report quality price of this card is absolutely excellent .... In any case, if I had the choice again I would do without hsiter ...

That said stay on 9 for now because I want to have a little more xprience Contents do to give the highest grade if it happens to be .....