M-Audio Delta 44
M-Audio Delta 44

Delta 44, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from M-Audio in the Delta series.

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M-Audio Delta 44 : Anonymous 's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
The main reason for my Torné to this map, was in fact the correct OCCAZ found on e bay as immediate purchase for 80 euro, but before confirming my purchase, I have been looking at the functionality and compatibility, because I possesses a Power Mac G4, and indeed, M-Audio products have a very good value for money, it was the quality for cheap, and compatible mac.De more, I preferred eu external interface, because it is more racoder the easy in and out when they should not make the tower more than two in and two out for me sufisent leads connected to my console.


The installation was a little hard, the seller had no driver, no manual, I had to get by, the record, it's easy on the m audio site, but the driver, has the ca was the obstacle course. M Audio does the update, then pares qq hours of research, I found a site that offered me such 01net the driver for both the driver mac.Une while it is alone, pretty simple config, comprehensive manual.


The driver is stable, updated automatically, may rarely as no bug. J Logic uses audio with 2 inputs for the stereo, with the frequency I want, and that's the best!


I have been using qq days, ith the distinction of being easy to use, no option of no use, good band in passnte in and out, makes me funny compared to other sound cards, internal computer historically used, a very good value for money, and if one day I rid m, c is that it will take me a card with more inputs and outputs, but I do not count m apart.