M-Audio Delta 44
M-Audio Delta 44

Delta 44, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from M-Audio in the Delta series.

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Jiache 01/25/2008

M-Audio Delta 44 : Jiache's user review


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What motivated my purchase:
- The price (159 nine)
- Compatible with Linux (ICE1712 + module Envy24 mix)

My config is Asus CM / Core2 Duo 2.2 GHz / 1 GB of RAM on GNU / Linux Debian. I use this card for personal records.


Installation is no problem set by the choice of PCI. There may be conflicts of IRQ rsolus easily by reversing the arrangement of cards.
Under Linux, there's nothing else to do, the ICE1712 module is loaded automatically. Once you install the mixing SPECIFICATIONS Envy24 there do anything.
The manual is not so much getting started is simple.


Modules (drivers) on Linux is stable trs. I use this card with Jack (routing of sound), Ardour (like ProTools), Hydrogen and other software computer music Linux.
Thank you to the authors of the site Linux computer music ( http://www.linuxmao.org ) for items Help Ardour in particular.
I work in a timely rl (yes, even when Linux has some advantages), but I have not pushed far trs track the number of reading and WRITING simultaneously.


I use this card for a month, so I have not been around this hardware. My beginners this card seem promising. I exprience with this choice or j'achterai remake the M-Audio 1010