M-Audio Omni Studio
M-Audio Omni Studio

Omni Studio, PCI/ISA + Rack Soundcard from M-Audio.

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abruti2004 07/04/2004

M-Audio Omni Studio : abruti2004's user review


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Trs well thought out this whole rack + card has advantages sduisants: 2 pramps, inserts, 2 headphone outputs ... Other configs are outputs + rcemment nanmoins STUDY
My config: Athlon XP 1700 512 DDR chipset nforce 2.
microphone akg c 3000


No problem, perfect with cubase, reason, logic ... Delta drivers are developed for a long time, and manual config easy enough.
on the other hand, bp sync audio in cubase afternoon with the shuttle nforce 2, but not with classical config Leadtek nForce 2 motherboard .... any fawn this problem must be with rsoudre maj xp.


Reduces latency, direct monitoring, trs good rsultats and crashes in multi-existent ....
Headphone amplifiers wonderful, good reserve of breath and dynamics pramp nonexistent ...
Nanmoins, if they give good trs rsultats on electric guitar, acoustic bass, and static port (guitar amps, percussion ...), They rvlent a fair bit of voices (sound a little dull and treble a little stiff ...), well below my table pramplis STK. It is better to attach an external prampli trs good, because the Delta converters are excellent.


APRs have used the Delta 66 for 2 years with happiness, I told him the Deputy omni ...
We work quickly and well with this interface really reliable, but I t's by pramps (nothing catastrophic, but it's not the top) ... suddenly, I sold