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Alive2000 01/27/2009

Line 6 FB4 : Alive2000's user review


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I have been using the Line 6 FB4 since i first purchased a Line 6 amp back in 2000. It has made playing with that amp so much easier, and I can't think of playing the amp without it. It's not that hard by any means to simply press the button on the Line 6 to switch through channels, but the added quickness of tapping the switch makes this purchase more than worth it. I like how you don't need a special guitar cable to run this into the amp. All you need is an ethernet cord, which anyone who has broadband internet has, and if you need a new one, you can just go to any store that sells electronics, and not just a guitar shop.

A cool feature of the pedal is that when you are setting an echo delay effect, you can use the pedal to set the pace of the echo instead of hunch over your amp to do it.

I did not try very many other models of foot switches when deciding on this one. I got it because the Line 6 Spider is more streamlined, and therefore there was no reason to go and buy the vastly more expensive Floor Board that Line 6 had to offer at the same time, with it's built-in Wah and Volume pedals. It was too much for me, then, and I did not need it.

I think there is an extreme amount of value in this little switchboard. For only seventy dollars, you have the convenience of four channels at your feet, and when you don't need anything else screwing up the flow of things, it's a wonderful little tool.
I would still make the choice of simply having four channels at my feet knowing what i know now. Especially because I know that the thing is nigh indestructible. It's put up with much abuse over almost 9 years, so I can't really complain about it much.