Moog Music MF-103 12-Stage Phaser
Moog Music MF-103 12-Stage Phaser

MF-103 12-Stage Phaser, Phaser from Moog Music in the Moogerfooger series.

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Cedar 12/06/2004

Moog Music MF-103 12-Stage Phaser : Cedar's user review


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The MF-103 is an analog phaser Fully. Like his brothers of the Moogerfooger SERIES, Submitted it as a big effect pedals with two-sided bu the most beautiful effect. Design, forcment vintage, is typical of this builder, and is strongly reminiscent of the Minimoog (knob, switches, srigraphie).
To edit the effect it has 6 knobs, 2 switches and a switch (or not to bypass the effect).


The grip is comfortable trs, you quickly get the sound you want. There's no sub-menus, we are in a purely analog domain. One knob = one function, and it was like it's good. Obviously no memory either, which really is not seen Gnant fast shipping.


A THE FIRST use, once connected to my micro Q, the conclusion is clear: the sound is warm, Dfine, ample, in a word huuuuge! I found that this synth dj was a big potato. With the MF-103 output is duly!!
Cot range of sounds, it can range from simple analog color (dlicieuse) leslie cab effect well aware, from well-sr by phasing the sweetest as the deepest. I finally with a big seventies I rvais tablecloths (not only)!
In fact is made with any type of sound (low - yet I rve, leads, chords ...). Just be aware that the higher the harmonic content of what he puts in is lv more pronounced the effect will be. For example if you enter a lead simple, like a tilt gnrant sinusodale a wave, the phasing effect will be almost zero. This is normal, the principle of the same type of effect.


I just have it, but I spent several hours over dj (yes I am as a fuck). It is on track to become a incoutournable my home studio. I know it's not reasonable, but I want to put across, all my sounds!
What I like most is the warmth and size of the sound, the quality of the effect itself, and the look. Question default, DSOL I see it ... the price may be (385 euros) ... but hey you have to know what you want.
I have not heard many of its competitors (note there is no mass). The Electro Harmonix Small Stone of, although trs cool, sounds dirty ct. I speak not of the same PH-3 Phase Shifter Boss, that sounds really small ...
In any case I regret it, it's really the bomb.