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Thread iZotope Trash

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1 iZotope Trash
Is anyone here using iZotope Trash?
If you play guitar or bass, you must try that program. Is really good. Since I started using it, I have totally omitted micing my amp for recording guitar.
Anyway, if someone here is uses Trash and has very good knowledge creating distortions and effects for guitar on that software, I would like to trrade/exchange presets with that person... Also, there are always some guitar sounds that I would like to emulate in Trash, in many I have succeded, but in some of them I have only gotten "close", and I would like to see if someone could help me with it, giving me different points of views, ideas, etc. (different points of view are always important).
Drop me a line!

SORRY! I refered to iZotope Trash as a software, but it actually is a plug-in...
Although they could make a stand-alone version of it, it would really be helpful on live performances.