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Peavey ReValver MK III
Peavey ReValver MK III
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J.Yves J.Yves

«  Good big sound !!!!!!!! »

Publié le 07/08/10 à 23:30
Revalver MKIII amp simulator is a virtual no problem during installation .. Once this step must be done to connect to internet to activate the license .. Still without any worries ..
Then it will set it up over your stuff and that's it ..
Personally I have encountered no inconsistencies whatsoever with my computer or my external sound card ..
The manual euhh I think I've never opened, no need ...


I work on a Quad core PC (3.5 GHz), equipped with an ASUS P5Q, 4GB of RAM and an interface Toneport UX2 Line 6 ..
Revalver is installed in 32 bit on my PC but to know he can turn into 64-bit also ..
So far everything works perfectly without having any worries concerning its use of CPU this may be variable depending on the patch open .. The more you use more of its consolidated increases effects but nothing scary ..


Revalver I use for over a year now and I admit that I really like this app .. First, by its big capacity choices offered ..
15 amps
12 preamps
9 amps of power
19 Stompboxes
11 effects and over 150 booths ..
7 utilitées including tuner and analyzer
Everything is compatible with VST, RTAS, AU and ASIO, Core Audio, WDM ..
In addition it works in standalone mode ..
Cabins on it may import its own cabins IR impulses and here is a big plus for me because I like the impulses Redwire ..
Regarding a comparison with other models and I well know that virtually all of the boards to pay and freeware that I would classify this one in the top three ..
But according to a style or as a guitar can be used I can make a different choice ..
For me each virtual amp or not, to its unique ..
If you are looking for a powerful and dynamic, so it will Revalver some amps like the 6505 or JSX head ringing of the fire god without forgetting the preamp EARLY the bomb .. I must say that I use these amps with guitar great qualities and that's important .. I do not know if I can find this guitar with a large grain mid-range .. I'll try here ..
In any case, and finally I found this app very much and I look forward to future updates ..
A downloadable demo version is also very functional and you can get a good idea to plug this ..
The price is very decent compared to the competition I do it again without hesitation that choice ..
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