Brainworx VSM-3
Brainworx VSM-3

VSM-3, Software Distortion/Overdrive from Brainworx.

public price: $299 VAT
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[Musikmesse] Brainworx Vertigo VSM-3

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Plugin Alliance will be at Musikmesse tomorrow to introduce four new plug-ins, including the Vertigo VSM-3 developed by Brainworx.

The new Brainworx Vertigo VSM-3 is modeled on the VSM-2 Mix Satellite hardware. It is designed to add saturation and distortion no any audio track, bus and main outputs, with an option that allows for instantiating the plug-in on multiple busses and channels.

The plug-in also adds features that were not available on the original device, such as a wet/dry control for the THD Mixer, the ability to run the Crusher and Blender in parallel or in series, or solo them separately or together.


  • Two independent virtual circuits for two kinds of analog-sounding coloration, ranging from subtle saturation to berserk distortion
  • Pure 2nd Harmonic FET Crusher for warm, rich, saturation or distortion
  • Pure 3rd Harmonic Zener Blender for bright, clear, exciter-like saturation or distortion
  • Crusher and Blender can operate in parallel or serial configuration
  • Stereo and M/S Decoding and Encoding for each circuit allows processing of entire stereo signal, or Mid or Side channels only
  • Solo for auditioning Crusher and/or Blender in isolation
  • AFL Solo for isolating Mid and Side outputs for control listening
  • THD Mixer control for combining and balancing Crusher and Blender
  • Stereo, mono and multi-channel (5.1 / 7.1) operation
  • Saturation and distortion can be applied to specific signal frequency ranges
  • Saturation and distortion can be applied with soft and hard clipping
  • Input Filter allows you to choose to which frequencies you want to apply the harmonics. Six frequency ranges are available: 10 Hz to 120 Hz, 120 Hz to 1.5 Hz, 800 Hz to 4 kHz, 4 kHz to 20 kHz and Full which goes from 120 Hz to 20 kHz
  • ‘Shape’ knob allows for gentle filtering of high-order harmonics

The Vertigo VSM-3 is a VST2/3, AU, AAX Native and DSP, AudioSuite and RTAS plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows. It is available for $299 and you can download a trial version from


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